Perfect Café is Mihama’s hidden gem

At outdoor terrace seating, pets are welcome, and you can enjoy spectacular views of Mihama changing from day to night.

A new place to enjoy impressive and always changing sights of the Mihama American Village and Carnival Park is the Perfect Café located on the second floor of the Carnival Park Building.

The café menu includes coffees, smoothies, pastas, meat dishes, appetizers and desserts, as well as beer and cocktails.

Its open-air terrace seating offers a perfect vantage point to watch people milling about the bustling Mihama Depot Island. Inside, cozy seating creates a feeling of spaciousness through the café’s large glass windows. The modern café menu selection is simply terrific, and includes coffees with various flavors, smoothies, pastas, meat dishes, appetizers, desserts, Shisa for $20, as well as alcoholic beverages such as beer and cocktails starting from $7. All are served in a high-end atmosphere while customers sit on their exquisite furnishings. Lunch-type meals are available all day long.

The Perfect Café is simply a prime experience at a kind of hidden gem in Mihama.  Pets are welcome on open-air terrace seating, and patrons can enjoy spectacular views of Mihama changing from day to night.

The café is open every day from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Payment is in yen or dollars, but cash only. Their telephone number is (098) 989-9316. The location is at

13:41 14 Jul , 2024