Tomadachi Works invites community to mix and mingle

The new location is on the beach side of Akara Gallery.

The sixth in a series of events designed to bring foreigners and Japanese closer together, Tomodachi Works, is taking place this weekend at Depot Island.

Little Janoz bartender demosntrates a fiery drink during his show.

Tomodachi Works Saturday and Sunday runs from noon until mid-evening on the open square behind the Depot Island in Mihama, Chatan.  Organizers say there’ll be vendors selling their wares, including handmade items, and there will be plenty of entertainment.  Visitors to previous Tomodachi Works should note the new location on the opposite side of the Akara Gallery building on the beachside, and a part of Plaza F building.

Tomodachi Works began last year with the goal of making Okinawa a more international place by conducting international events every other month. The plan is to have cultural and friendship exchanges both with foreigners and Okinawans, and Japanese and tourists from the mainland, with an event on the 4th weekend of every other month.

The schedule for this weekend:



12:00 Open

13:00 Live & Paint (Kenshirou & Yuni & Yoshiko)

17:30 Live (Violin & Sanshin)

18:30 Live (Ukulele)

19:00 Bartender Show



12:00 Open

15:00 Live (Kazuki)

16:00 Live (Sanshin)

16:30 Bingo Game

17:30 Live (Blues band)

18:00 Live (Sakihama Yui)

18:30 Live (Ukulele)

19:00 Live (Maico & Yoshiko)

19:30 Live (Blues band)

20:00 Bartender Show

00:35 21 May , 2024