Bios Hill garden is mystical place for night tours

This is the best season to observe fireflies.

A botanical garden is a great place to explore nature at any time, but as nightfall comes over Bios no Oka, Bios Hill, the beauty unfolds in yet other directions.

Bios Hill after dark takes on a mysterious other-world-like atmosphere.

Bios no Oka is now offering nocturnal tours on weekends through June 29th, with the two-hour adventures starting at 7 p.m. both Saturdays and Sundays.  Reservations are required to participate, with admission ¥1,500 for adults, senior high school and junior high school students, and ¥1,000 for elementary students and younger children. Kids three and under are admitted free.    Reservations can be booked at (098) 965-3400.  Bios no Oka Map:

Participants should plan to arrive by 6:30 p.m., as the night cruises begin once it gets dark, about 7 p.m.. With explanations from staff, observations of larva and real life fireflies will be available. There are also locations to observe breathtaking views of fireflies from the shore.

Bios no Oka, also known as Bios Hill, is in Ishikawa Kadekaru, Uruma City.

To the visitors who visit Bios no Oka as a botanical garden in the daytime, various attractions are prepared for the concept of “feeling at ease” and “offer of impression” through the plants. At the lake inside the garden, attractions such as sightseeing by a lakeside admiration boat, a slow cruise, and a ride inside the garden by a water buffalo powered-vehicle, are prepared so that a visitor can spend a tranquil time.

In order to let visitors know the nature of Bios no Oka more, the limited night tours allow visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the evening, which is completely different from daytime. The main is admiration of fireflies, as well as the nocturnal movement. of small animals or plants, and how they respond to darkness.  The tours each last two hours.

Bios on the Hill is a combination orchids garden in a subtropical forest and a botanical garden. During the evening tours first come the fireflies, a mini-lesson, and then to the harbor after setting bug traps. The night cruise begins at dusk. A guided tour at Bios on the Hill comes next, a chance to see the bugs gathered in the traps during a stroll in the hills with staff members. There’ll also be a chance to see imago and larva of the fireflies before the tour ends at 9 p.m.

Visitors are encouraged to wear light clothing and put on light shoes because of the walks. Insect repellent spray and rain gear are also encouraged. Night tours begin promptly at 7 p.m., and those arriving late may be denied participation. Baby strollers and seats, and wheelchairs are not permitted. As these are evening tours, there are few lights in order to view the fireflies. Bios Hill reminds parents that children are their responsibility. Adverse weather conditions such as typhoons will result in night tour cancellations.

To get to the Bios on the Hill, take Highway 58 north from Kadena Air Base. After passing Renaissance Resort take the road towards Ishikawa, and then immediately to the right, watch for a sign to the right pointing to the Bios Hill and Okinawa Royal Golf Course. Follow signs to the Bios Hill. There is plenty of free parking available by the entrance to the park.

15:12 27 Feb , 2024