Let professionals take on disposal chores

Yutaka Fukushima says that disposal of anything is as near as the nearest telephone.

Are you trying to get rid of junk and don’t know how? Well, the pros are here to the rescue.

Things such as furniture are extremely hard to get rid of, and other items including refrigerators and washing machines are even more of a pain.  For those going through spring house cleaning, or preparing for a military change of station, downsizing is essential.

The good news is that there’s a company on Okinawa that gladly takes anything you don’t want to take on your next move, promising “we will be there to help.”  Yutaka Shoji is in business to de-stress peoples’ lives, helping get rid of not only unwanted furniture and home appliances but also clothing, wood and any other miscellanies you wish to get rid of speedy and painlessly. Aside from eliminating back-breaking labor, a call to Yutaka Shoji provides all the answers, including ‘where to start’.

Yutaka Shoji will help Their services are fast and efficient. Even if the client wants to get rid of a large quantity of things, it should only take from 1~2 hours to pack it up in the truck. There are a variety of plans such as small quantity plans for tables and sofas to filling up the truck as much as you please, depending on your budget. Yutaka Shoji has both small trucks and a large, 2-ton truck available.

Home appliances, including televisions, refrigerators and washing machines, require a disposal fee.  Yutaka Shoji has a special plan that includes disposal fees for one of each item, as well as filling up the truck, for only \50,000. This is a highly recommended plan. For a more accurate price, Yutaka Shoji makes site visits to actually see what needs to be disposed of. The step is to call for an estimate. Yutaka Shoji responds same-day, and if the client likes the quote, arrangements are made for immediate pick up and disposal.

Yutaka Shoji President Yutaka Fukushima says, “If you are considering throwing out your unwanted items, give us a call. If you decide to do it on your own, it will take a lot work, but if you let us do it for you, I am confident that you will be highly pleased. English may not be my strongest suit, but we will try our best to be of help.”

Yutaka Shoji is open daily 10 a.m. ~ 5 p.m.  Representatives are available at (098) 937-2254.


02:45 28 Feb , 2024