Senaga Island beach cleaning offers challenge

The success of last year’s Cleanpic event was encouraging and organizers promise more events to come.

A new sport, of sorts, is being introduced May 31st on Tomigusuku City’s Senaga Island, where the object is to collect as much trash and debris from the beach faster and more efficiently than other teams.

You never know what you find when cleaning a beach.

Cleanpic is open to five-person teams, hitting the beach from 3 p.m.  to 6 p.m., gathering as much garbage off the beach as possible within the time limit.  Organizers say anyone can participate, and “Cleanpic is certainly an event that will get everyone’s blood boiling while doing it.” Cleanpic results in volunteers gathering many times more trash from the beach than in a usual beach cleaning with the hefty prize money no doubt providing a considerable incentive.  If it proves to be the success they anticipate, organizers say future Cleanpic events will be bigger.

There’s a ¥5,000 entry fee per team, with teams vying for a ¥200,000 first prize, ¥100,000 second prize and a ¥50,000 third place prize.  To enter, simply complete the entry form from the Cleanpic homepage,, or call (098) 982-9988.  Senaga Beach is near Naha International Airport. Tomigusuku City Map:


Money is a great motivator and cash prizes bring results.

19:30 14 Jul , 2024