Dance away at Global Village Latin Night

Whacking a piñata is traditional party fun from Mexico that everyone enjoys.

Global Village in Ginowan City is known for its international parties, and Saturday night it’s Latin Night beckoning to the community.

Latin band MambOKI makes sure that everyone gets into right mood and on the dance floor.

A Latin dance show highlights the Saturday night program, as well as a workshop, plus mini-Latin dance lessons.  The Latin Night runs 8 p.m. ~ 11 p.m., with tickets now on sale at Global Village.  Advance tickets are \2,000, while tickets at the door are \2,500.  Each ticket includes on drink at the Latin Night.  Tickets for kids under 12 are half-price.

Latin culture and festivities are interwoven through this evening event.  There will even be a piñata for children. The piñata is a traditional symbol of entertainment and fun in Mexico, although its beginnings were religious.  Being hit with a stick was something done to drive the devil away.  Now it’s just plain ol’ fun.

Headlining the entertainment is MambOKI.  Flamenco dances will be performed by Global Village students.

05:06 17 Apr , 2024