“Gateway English” opens education center on Ie Island

Incorporated nonprofit organization supporting English education, “Gateway English,” opened the Ishijima Education Center on Ie Island on Jun. 2nd. The purpose of the center is to train human resources to be efficient at the international level.

The plans for the center call for providing high quality English lessons. It will accept students from all over Japan. Native English speakers working as teachers will hold classes lasting from on week to 6 months in length depending on the students’ needs.

At the opening ceremony, Gateway English Representative Director Keiko Hasegawa stated, “We will do our best to train human resources for the international stage, and organize short-term island stays for elementary and junior high school students, plus provide English education to local residents. These three are our most important aims.”

Town Mayor Hideyuki Shimabukuro said in his speech, “It would be wonderful to add English education as another main activity on Ie Island apart from agriculture, livestock raising and sports.”

03:45 24 Apr , 2024