Girl musicians celebrate Monday’s Rock‘n Roll day

June 9th is Rock-n-Roll day in Japan, and on Okinawa there will be a variety of rock-n-roll events taking place in live music bars and halls.

The Rock-n-Roll day comes from putting together the number 6, which is ‘roku’ in Japanese, and 9, ‘ku’, that together, when pronounced in Japanese way sounds similar to “rock.”.  In the famous Okinawa Livehouse MODs, located in Mihama’s Depot Island shopping and entertainment complex, the celebration takes place Sunday evening, the day before the actual Rock-n-Roll day, with MOD’S event Producer RIMI presenting Girl’s Rock Night 2014 along with Chico, Rie, Lino, Haluca, Ayao, Micchi, Shinobu, Ran, KOZ and many more!

Okinawa’s female musicians whom each perform in different bands will be coming together for this one night only event. Some 20 singers, guitar, bass and drum players from various bands and genres will be sure to give the audience a powerful and spectacular show not worth missing. As the MC will be the famous and still standing Kacchan.

Doors open at 7 p.m. Sunday, June 8th, with the program beginning at 8 p.m., at Okinawa Livehouse MOD’s.  Advance admission is ¥2,500, with tickets at the door ¥3,000.

14:55 25 May , 2024