Photo exhibition shows different Okinawa

This picture by Fumi Miyara titled “What happened?” on display at the exhibition was the winner at the Naha City Art Handicraft Exhibition.

A photo exhibition at Naha City Civic Gallery on the 6th floor of Palette Kumoji in Naha City is holding a photo exhibition showing photos taken by Ko Hateruma’s Picture Class students.

The exhibition run from Jun. 17th through 22nd, and is open every day from 10 a.m.. to 7 p.m. Admission to the exhibition is free. The location of the Palette Kumoji Building is at

The exhibition displays pictures by 19 photographers that show different and unusual take on life on Okinawa.

Ko Hateruma runs a professional photographer school is Akebono, Naha City. The school has a Japanese language homepage at  He accepts students for a monthly fee of ¥10,000/4 classes a month. He has classes from beginners to professionals, and teaches the knowhow of photography. He has students from their 20s to 60s.

Ko Hateruma was born in Kagoshima but was attracted to Okinawa’s beautiful beaches and moved to the island in 1970. Since 1994, he has traveled to 50 different Okinawan islands, and has taken acclaimed pictures of mainly local festivals and landscapes.

09:23 05 Mar , 2024