American Village & Depot Island is classic tourist spot

The ferris wheel is Chatan’s best known landmark.

In 1995, Chatan Town laid down the “Basic Development Guidelines for Mihama Resort American Village” in order to develop the town’s industries, ensure employment in the town and revitalize the region.

Depot Island shopping and leisure complex is one of the island’s favorite spots for visitors and locals alike.

To this end, Chatan worked to promote the establishment of a resort industry by the private sector. Following the opening of the Mihama 7 Plex cinema complex in July 1997, a lively urban area formed in the district, which is currently home to large-scale retail stores, accessory shops and general retailers, restaurants, nightclubs, bowling alley, amusement centers and more.

American Village and Depot Island is one of Okinawa’s classic tourist spots at the moment. With a movie theatre, live music, bars, restaurants and shopping, all visitors can enjoy this inexpensive, local and fun urban resort space styled with an American theme. The ferris wheel that is the most visible landmark of the American Village is illuminated at night, and is also a popular spot for viewing the town lights.

Adjacent to the American Village and in front of AEON shipping center is a 1,400-car free parking area that city planner cite as the central piece in their plan to entice large numbers of customers to the area. Map:

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