Yonabaru K-market is unique trove of local goods

Besides being a place to buy fresh produce for everyday use, the Yonabaru K-market is a place to spend a Sunday shopping and enjoying the good life.

One of Yonabaru Town’s most attractive features is it’s unique flea market that puts everyday citizens in direct contact with all the goodies of a traditional food market, a flea market, gardening and fabrics, a fresh juice parlor and even entertainment twice a month.

The Yonabaru Champuru Market or K-truck Market at Yonabaru Town is a bi-monthly event, taking place every second Sunday. The market features the products, goods and services of Yonabaru. Merchandise of town shopkeepers, vendors and artisans are sold mostly from the beds of the vendors’ light trucks, thus the name. The merit of this kind of market is that vendors have no need to spend time setting up sales stalls, but are able to deal with consumers almost immediately after parking their vehicles. Most of the products on sale are produced in Yonabaru. Seafood, fresh vegetables and food booths selling meals and snacks and are well known, but there are also many local products found nowhere else. The Small Truck Market – meaning mini-trucks farmers and small businesses use to transport their goods — has original fabric shops and infant goods, sometimes gardening utensils and goods, and even fresh fruit.

Entertainment includes eisa, stage shows, live concerts, raffle drawings, a tug-of-war and more. Organizers say they expect the market to grow bigger and more famous, and capable of attracting more visitors to Yonabaru, as the times go and the word spreads.

The market is located at Oyakawa Street and Ebisu Street in Yonabaru Town.  To get to the market, go south on Route 329 to Yonabaru intersection, then turn left onto Route 331 toward Sashiki and Chinen.  The market streets are immediately to the left.  Parking is available on the opposite side of Route 331 a block

21:48 25 Jul , 2024