Ceramics exhibition set for October at OIST

Ceramics exhibition set for October at OIST.

One of Okinawa’s most renowned artists will be showing his “Exhibition of Elemental Molded Pieces” on the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology campus throughout October.

Jissei Omine will be showing original works, including more than 30 new pieces of ceramics, screens and calligraphy.  The exhibition is free on the OIST main campus at Onna.

Detail of a piece in the “Elemental Molded Pieces” artwork series.

OIST President Jonathan Dorfan says he’s “delighted that Omine sensei has agreed to exhibit his wonderful artwork at our university.”  Dorfan adds “It is unfortunate that society sometimes draws a strict distinction between the Arts and the Sciences.  I personally believe that these two pillars of our modern society have grown side-by-side, enriching each other’s creative prowess in powerful ways. Both artists and scientists strive for a new, more complete understanding, creating clarity from confusion through a process of analysis and experimentation.”

OIST is an international center for science and technology; to succeed in its mission, Dorfan explains “the university must absorb the broader elements of human culture.  Accordingly, OIST promotes a vigorous cultural program including art exhibitions, concerts and dance. It is entirely suitable that great works of art should find a home in a great center of science.”

Included in the collection on exhibit are an Exhibition of Elemental Molded Pieces, an  Elemental series, IE series, Teacup series, Tea room screen,        Bed screen and a Bokuseki Isshou series

02:27 22 May , 2024