Japan Burger King bringing wild, black burger to menu

Black as pitch, indeed, is Burger King Japan’s new item that does for sale on Sep. 19th. The secrets are bamboo charcoal but and squid ink ketchup among others.

A burger bun that is black?  Really?

Burger King says ‘yes’ to the new burger being introduced Sep. 19th as part of its fifth anniversary celebration of the American burger chain’s return to Japan.

Priced at ¥480, the Premium Kuro Burger will be available for a limited time, but enough for all the curious burger munchers to have a chance to try it out.  It’s more than unique; it’s black buns are made with bamboo charcoal, and to really jazz it up, the burger’s drenched in a ‘black ketchup’ made from squid ink. That’s the standard black burger. The hamburger patties are molded with black pepper, while that interesting sauce is being made with onion, garlic and the squid ink.

Burger Kings’s Kuro Burger has spawned a Kuro Pearl and Kuro Diamond.  Both are served with a bamboo charcoal cheese between those black buns. The more expensive Kuro Diamond comes with servings of lettuce and tomato.

The Premium Kuro Burger was initially launched by Burger King in 2012.

The novelty will be available only in Japan Burger King outlets off base. ON base Burger Kings are managed from the stateside and do not participate.

01:47 28 May , 2024