Ryubo brings culinary delights of Hokkaido to Okinawa

Hokkaido has lately gained reputation for its Tokachi beef.

Exhibitions and sales always attract and excite people, and the Hokkaido Exhibition and Sale running through next Monday at Ryubo Department Store is no exception.

Ryubo has a long tradition or organizing regional fairs and sales, and this time, goods and products from Hokkaido are gathered together on the 6th floor of the Ryubo Department Store. Hokkaido is known as a region that has a wide variety of abundant gifts of nature, and this is an excellent opportunity to enjoy Hokkaido’s goodies while being on Okinawa.

Hairy crab is a Hokkaido delicacy.

There are large varieties of foods like fresh seafood, of course, bento boxes with various kinds of seafood, staked bento by Tokachi Gyu which is a high-grade brand Wagyu beef, sweets and deli goods and more.   Especially sweets, there are so many popular varieties made in Hokkaido.   For instance, everybody in Japan knows “Shiroi Koibito,” meaning “white lovers,” “ROYCE” chocolate chips, and “Rokkatei” that is a well-known maker of baked goods like cakes and pudding made by using local fresh milk and melon bread that has a surface looking like a melon.

Many of the products are always on the top of standard souvenir rankings in Japan.  At a

Seafood bento does not get any better..

demonstration corner, steaming hot croquette and chicken will be prepared. Additionally, the popular Ramen restaurant, “Santouka Ramen” is having a shop open at Ryubo throughout the exhibition. This unique Hokkaido Ramen is definitely worth trying.

The Hokkaido Exhibition and Sale is open daily 10:00 a.m. ~8:30 p.m., except on the 29th when the exhibition closes at 5 p.m.  The Hokkaido Exhibition is on the 6th floor of Palette Kumoji Ryubo Department Store in Naha City, at the southern end of Kokusai Street.

23:53 25 Jun , 2024