8th Tomodachi Works event in Mihama on Sunday

People watch a performance at a previous Tomodachi Works event.

Tomodachi Works is a community friendship event that started last year with a goal of making Okinawa a more international place by conducting internationally oriented events every other month. The plan is to have cultural and friendship exchanges that both foreigners residing on Okinawa, local Okinawans, Japanese and visitors from outside of the prefecture can attend.

From this Sunday on, the focus will shift to stage events and live performances.

Up until last event, there were plenty of handmade items for sale at the venue, but from this time, organizers have shifted the focus to stage events and live performances. The event is also now a one-day affair on Sunday instead the two days as before.

What has not changed is the venue, which is the Akara Gallery parking lot at the Depot Island shopping complex.


15:00 start

15:30 Ayumi’s Halloween Jack-o’-Lantern work demonstration

16:30 Yoshiko BODY jewelry LIVE

17:30 Takechika Noha Ukulele live

18:30 Acchan live

19:30 Saoli Violin live

20:00 Harukaze live

20:30 Bingo game

Organizers are inviting vendors and performers for the next Tomodachi Works to be held on Dec. 14th. Those interested in being part of the event, should contact Ayumi Jourden at 080-3167-3061, or email ayumi.jourden.1@i.softbank.jp

04:57 29 Feb , 2024