New Farmers’ Market to open in Haebaru in April

The tenth JA Farmers’ Market in Okinawa is scheduled to open in Haebaru Town next April.  When it opens, the “Farmers’ Market Haebaru” will be the third largest store of its kind in Okinawa.

The new market aims specifically to promote and sell indigenous products of Haebaru, like pumpkins, loofah and star fruit at reasonable prices. A sampling corner will also be a novelty.  Farmers’ Market Haebaru is planning to introduce new ways to eat Okinawan vegetables, and thus expand its sales of products.

The planned construction site is adjacent to Haebaru Minami Interchange on the Okinawa Expressway.  The site is about 7,650 square meters, and the building will have all on one floor.  The store itself will have about 636 square meters floor space.  The total cost of the project is budgeted at ¥348 million.   The sales target is set at ¥500 million per year.

Hiroki Sunagawa, the chairman of the board at JA Okinawa says, “Farmers’ Market Haebaru will be close to the mega consuming region of Naha. I addition, this market will lead to activation of Haebaru Town and becomes a large-scale farmers’ market for everyone.”

Last fiscal year, JA Okinawa hit record the sales of ¥6.9 billion total in its nine stores in Okinawa.

04:34 15 Jul , 2024