Pro wrestlers join Halloween Town Koza children’s parades

The Ryukyu Dragon professional wrestlers will team with kids Saturday for Halloween Town Koza that takes place on Koza Palmyra Street within Ichibangai shopping mall  in Okinawa City.

The pro wrestlers, who have their home base in Navel Kadena, will lead children’s Trick or Treating and parade down the street.  Many shops in the arcade are waiting for children to come and get free candy.  On stage, Ryukyu Dragons Pro Wrestling will stage a free show.  The Halloween Town Koza runs 3 p.m. ~ 9 p.m., on Oct. 31 and admission is free.

In addition, members of the Okinawa Talent Academy will dance and sing.  As is fitting for “the most international city in Okinawa”, there will be food stalls featuring culinary treats of various countries, so visitors can enjoy international foods.

Hordes of goblins take over the Gate 2 Street and Park Avenue area.

Trick or Treat runs 5 p.m. ~ 6 p.m., with two different courses for children to choose from. Course A meets up dressed in costumes in front of Zazou bakery on Gate 2 Street. Kids will follow the Ryukyu Dragon wrestlers for a parade from Goya to Ichibangai Sun City Shopping Arcade ~ Ichibangai Shopping Arcade.  The Course B participants meet up dressed in costumes in front of Korinza.  From there, they will follow the Ryukyu Dragon wrestlers and parade along Chuo Park Avenue ~ Palmyra Street Shopping Arcade and then Ichibangai Shopping Arcade.  Candy will be given out to kids during the one-hour parades, until stocks run out.

There’s also a Haunted House for kids from 3 p.m. ~ 6 p.m. at Shimin Katsudo Center in Ichibangai Shopping Arcade.  The Okinawa Talent Academy Concert begins at 6 p.m. on a special stage on Koza Palmyra Street.  The Ryukyu Dragon Pro Wrestling Show follows on the same stage at 7 p.m.

09:41 21 Feb , 2024