Pumpkin Panic descends on Music Town

Pumpkin Panic is the largest Halloween event for young adults on Okinawa.

Pumpkin Panic is the biggest Halloween party on the island for young adults, and it’s happening Saturday at Music Town in Okinawa City.

About 500 revelers took part in Pumpkin Panic last year. This year organizers are expecting over 700.

The party’s organized for the 3rd time this year, and is getting bigger and better.  Last year 500 people in disguise got together at Music Town in Okinawa City, and this year organizers are expecting about 700 people to participate.  The fun starts at 6 p.m. Saturday, with a parade beginning at 6:15 p.m.  From there, the fun moves to the 3rd floor of Music Town Oto-Ichiba. Advance tickets are ¥2,500 for men and ¥2,000 for ladies.  Advance tickets are limited to the first 500 purchasers.  Tickets at the door are ¥3,500 for men and ¥3,000 for ladies.

The girls are particularly energetic at this party, and the expectation is that hundreds of girls will show up and bring a lot of excitement to the festivities.  Everybody can dress up as they like, and some will put on make ups transforming them into zombie or ghost-like creatures.   Music Town Oto-Ichiba will be transformed into a huge club, where people can enjoy dancing and drinks.

The Pumpkin Panic original dance, ‘Pum-Pani dance’ in short, will be danced by all of the people together, and the party will head for its 11 p.m. climax.  The highlight of the evening is the Pum-Pani parade that starts everything off.  Everybody who comes to the party will parade on the street from Okinawa City Hall to the party site together.

02:06 28 Feb , 2024