Yomitan’s ready for Yachimun and traditional craft market

Many people visit Yomitan Yachimun Market every year to hunt for handmade ceramics bargains.

Pottery and Ryukyu glass artisans of Yomitan Village are pooling their resources to host a super handicraft market this weekend at Gala Aoi-Umi in Takashiho, in Yomitan Village.

Nearly two dozen pottery makers of Yomitan Village mingle with the town’s top artisans to open studios, shops and displays to the public.  The event runs 10 a.m. ~ 7 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday, and is sponsored by the Yomitan Yachimun & Technical Market Executive Committee.  The Yachimum and Traditional Craft Market takes place at Gala Aoi Umi located about 300 meters south of Nikko Alivia Resort.

This year’s event has been expanded to include Ryukyu glass.

Yachimun market has been one of Okinawa’s most famous pottery fairs, where handmade Yomitan Village shisa, pots, vases, cups sake jars and more are on display and for sale. After the war, ceramists mainly from Naha’s Tsubogawa district that had been destroyed in the war moved to Yomitan, and started the process, which has developed through the years.  Yachimun pottery is available this weekend for sale, or visitors can have a meal from a hand-made Yachimun vessel.  There’s so much pottery, many people say they feel like they’re in an art museum, surrounded by nature.

Potters from Yomitan are showing and selling their wares, and explaining the pottery process.  From this year Ryukyu glass is added to the event.

To get to the Gala Aoiumi drive north from KAB on Hwy 58. Turn left on Route 6 towards Torii Station, and then continue past it. Follow signs to Nikko Alivila, and then drive past the main entrance and the wedding chapel of the hotel. Gaia Aoiumi is 300 meters south of the entrance.




11:55 21 Feb , 2024