Easing aging is goal of Relaxation Room Shiny

Relacation Room Shiny uses the latest technology to treat and rejuvenate aging skin.

Stress, overwork and not making time to relax makes people tired, and that promotes the aging process, and that’s something Kanako Nagahama just can’t stand.

Nagahama is the owner of Relaxation Room Shiny, a relaxation and aging care shop located in the along the coast in Chatan Town. Now commemorating its fourth anniversary in January, Relaxation Room Shiny has the goal of providing relief in this busy generation, because Nagahama knows becoming more and more tired hastens aging.

The interior is designed to relax.

The key, says Relaxation Room Shiny’s owner, is “It is very important to detox the body and soul.” To be sure customers get the very best, the relaxation room has started aging care, and also introduced the collagen machine. Pink light rays penetrating the skin are proven to be effective in regenerating the skin tissue and ameliorating various types of skin. The treatment does not cause any physical discomfort, as patrons simply lie down and relax, and let the machine do its magic.

It “Shaves five years off the age of your skin and you look younger, says Nagahama, who adds that “Shea Butter Care is on our original aging care menu. We are using 100% pure Shea butter which does not include medicine, additives or preservatives.” The combination Collagen Machine and Shea Butter Care is really good for rejuvenation effect, adds Nagahama, adding “That combination will solve anguish of rough skin, daily fatigue and more. The Shiny is particular about using a really efficacious product and devising a care menu per customer, so you can receive a treatment while relaxing without hurting feelings.”

The recommended menus are Special Regeneration of Skin Care \7,500 for 70 minutes, including Collagen Machen and Shea Butter Facial Skin Care and Oil Treatment. Oil Treatment is a massage which is taking the stiffness out of the whole body, so the customer can be mentally and physically relaxed, and not only the body.

Shiny’s strengths are its Collagen Machine and Shea Butter. There are only two Collagen Machines on Okinawa, and Shea Butter is 100% pure, safe for those with allergies or atopic dermatitis. The effects are high humidity retention effect and protection effect. Relaxation Room Shiny’s skill of relaxation massage is really high, explains Nagahama, “so it makes customers happy. I want to make a relaxation salon which keep customer’s beauty and make customers younger.”

Relaxation Room Shiny is open daily except Wednesdays, 10 a.m. ~ 7 p.m. Appointments may be made at (098)) 989-6853.  Shiny is located at 15-44 Minato in Chatan Town.

01:34 26 Jun , 2024