Unique ‘Food Flea’ market in Mihama gears up Sunday

The Food Flea takes place next to the newly opened Uminchu Wharf in Mihama.

Virtually everyone loves going to flea markets, searching for bargains on just about anything.

Sunday’s flea market at Chatan Fisharina is one with a twist; the items being sold are food.  Organizers are calling it “Okinawa FOOD FLEA” and the vendors are all offering a variety of delicious foods.  As a food-oriented flea market with a variety of different food fare, popular shops will be boasting their special flavors gathered from throughout the island.

The venue is perfectly located just by the ocean in front of a newly-opened facility called “Uminchu Wharf” in Mihama, Chatan Town.  As one observer described the setting, “Sitting in a chair parasol while enjoying the ocean breeze, I appreciated the exquisite feeling with delicious drinks and flavors of popular shops. In addition to food shops special craft shops are also participating.

The Okinawa FOOD FLEA runs from noon to 8 p.m. Sunday.  There’s no charge to visit and enjoy the offerings.  Prices are said to be ‘reasonable,’ and they invite customers to “Please be healthy, be hungry, and enjoy the taste of popular shops from each part of Okinawa as much as you like!”

14:29 14 Jul , 2024