Sunset Bikes understands sports bicycles

Young women are increasingly getting interested in bicycling.

Sunset Bikes is a shop specializing in sports bicycles.

Sunset has a right bike to every need including rental ones.

Naoya Fujita, the owner of Sunset Bikes in Mihama, Chatan Town, considers his company the ultimate specialist on bicycles on Okinawa.  Sunset Bikes sells, repairs, and prepares bicycles for racing, training, hobby or any other purpose.

He also notes Sunset Bikes offers rental bicycle service for people who are interested in sports bicycles, and foreigners are welcome to use this service. Rental charges are Hybrid bicycles: ¥5,000/day, Road bicycles: ¥6,000/day, payable also in dollars. “Getting on a bicycle is really good for health, is refreshing, and effectively reduces stress,” says Fujita. “Besides, another advantage of a bicycle is

The shop is located on the second floor.

that it doesn’t get caught in a traffic jam,” he adds.

Sunset Bikes deals in road bicycles, hybrid bicycles, trekking bicycles, triathlon bicycles, minivelo, and children’s bicycles. Fujita recommends a Jamis, which is one of the main road bicycle makes

Fujita notes that his customers’ age bracket is 20’s – 30’s and mostly male, but says that recently, he’s seeing an increasing number of young females.

Sunset Bikes is located in Mihama, Chatan, easily accessible from north and south. His store has many kinds of bicycles on display, and his professional staff is ready to provide advice on bikes and riding. The shop also has a riding school to teach how to ride bicycles.

Fujita wants to offer challenges to riders, and he’s planning to offer a cycling tour that goes around Okinawa.

Sunset Bikes is located at

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