There’s nothing that matches good Thai Massage

Thai massage is said to be more of a form of art than physical therapy, and those who enjoy it frequently, enthusiastically agree.

One of the most popular massages in the world is Thai Massage, and Okinawa is home to Jasmine, a premier Thai Massage salon that is catching the holiday spirit this month with a 10% discount on all massages.

Thailand’s nickname is  the ‘Land of Smiles’ and here in Okinawa, Jasmine has people calling it a northern ‘Land of Smiles’.

The flag of Thailand and a sign noting the prices and services marks the entrance.

Perhaps the best known Thai Massage location on Okinawa, Jasmine at Ojana in Ginowan City has been pampering its customers and making them feel like they’re in the southeast Asian nation enjoying a relaxation session.  It’s more than a massage, says Jasmine owner Pranee, explaining it is an integral part of Thai culture thought to date back more than 2,000 years.

The flag of Thailand and a sign noting the prices and services marks the entrance.

The secret, says Pranee, is that Thai massage stimulates and enhances the flow of life energy in the body that taps into ten major lines known as ‘Zen lines’. They’re the principal elements of 72,000 channels or streams of invisible life energy lines that surge through the body.  Done properly, she assures those with a questioning look, is that a Thai massage promotes increased blood and lymph circulation through pressure and gentle stretching of muscles. The massage therapist uses elbows, thumbs, palms, knees and feet to create an energizing, revitalizing massage.

At Jasmine, customers are warmly greeted by name, served herbal tea, and even get their feet washed in herbal scented water before slipping into loose fitting pajamas for the massage. A typical Thai massage takes two hours or more, although Jasmine does offer shorter sessions of 60 and 90 minutes.

Pranee and other masseuses at Jasmine are graduates of the Wat Po Thai Traditional Medical School in Bangkok.  Pranee is qualified not only in Thai traditional massage, but in oil massage and aromatherapy arts, as well. She has created Jasmine as a uniquely Thai atmosphere. As with most Thai massage parlors in Thailand, ornate curtains are used in forming private rooms for both Thai and oil massage.

Thai massage “begins from the tips of your toes,” says Pranee, “and gradually moves upward to the top of your head by following the Zen energy lines of our bodies.” The massage focuses on circulation and pressure points, promoting health and muscular flexibility. Pranee works the body through face up, face down, side and sitting positions to enable the masseuse to perform a variety of exercises. Hot herbal compresses, ‘Herbal balls’, are offered as an optional service to warm and sooth the customer’s body. In addition, to traditional Thai massage, Jasmine also offers ‘Foot massage’ as well.

Jasmine is located on the first floor of Ameku Apartments, adjacent to ‘Ojana Lawson’ at Ojana in Ginowan City. Jasmine is about 1.7 km south along the ‘Old Pipeline’ road from the Futenma Marine Corps Air Station main gate. To get to Jasmine, take Route 58 toward Naha passing MCAS Futenma. After seeing Jimmy’s bakery shop on the left, make a left turn at the fourth traffic signal (big ‘SHARP’ sign is a landmark). Next, make a right turn at the single blinking red signal light, continue straight until the road curves to the left, and look for Jasmine on the corner adjacent to ‘Ojana Pipeline Lawson’ in Ginowan City.

Jasmine offers original gift certificates ideal for birthday and anniversary presents. Customers may come in couples or in two and have the massage done simultaneously.  Appointments are needed at 090-2969-4744 or (098) 898-5337. Jasmine is open from 11 a.m. ~ 8 p.m. daily, except closed on Wednesdays.

20:43 20 Jul , 2024