Flower shop staging special craft market

The shop is located in a private house.

Garden Marche in flower shop “Die Farbe” is doing something unique on Sunday; it is organizing a craft market that creates a Paris-like atmosphere.

The shop name, ‘Die Farbe’ means color or paint in German.  The shop usually makes European style flower bouquets, and is known for good sense of arrangement and selection of flowers.   It is rare to organize a craft market at a flower shop, but this weekend the shop owner says she wants people to enjoy the atmosphere. She’s invited 13 different shops to gather; included are pastry and desserts, hand-made cloths, aroma products, craft soap and

Crafts from 13 shops are on sale.

accessories and more.

When you click the name of stores in blue, you can get some information of products they make. →http://diefarbeowner.ti-da.net/e7146894.html

Admission is free for the crafts exhibition, which runs 10 a.m. ~ 3 p.m.  The shop is at 2-31-2 Minatogawa in Urasoe City.

02:46 15 Jun , 2024