Hair & Make EARTH Chatan more than ‘just pretty hair’

The shop is located on the first floor of Gourmetkan.

Hair and Make EARTH Chatan is a beauty shop, yet it is really much more than simple haircuts and hair treatments.

Of course, Hair and Make EARTH Chatan has highly skilled beauticians, but they have also hair stylists who can answer those questions about ‘what’s really best for my hair?” Haircuts and styling, permanents, hair dyes and special treatments are all readily available, each to serve individual needs.

A visit to Hair and Make EARTH Chatan is a fun experience, too.  Make an adventure of the visit, taking a boyfriend, girlfriend, a family member or anyone else in that circle of friends.  The salon has special ‘Pairs Booth’

Customer satisfaction and relaxation is the leading theme inside.

where togetherness is the key.  On the other hand, for those why are shy, the salon has private booths that are curtained off so nobody can see what’s happening to your hair.

There’s also a ‘Celeb Booth’ where a patron can have a haircut, hair perm’ed, hair dyed, or special treatments.  Everything, including payment, takes place in this single location. Customers can enjoy DVD or TV while receiving service. There’s also a child booth where kids can enjoy DVD’s and toys while mom (or dad) receives hair treatments.

Hair and Make EARTH Chatan is located in Gourmetkan, on the 1st floor in American Village. You can use the free parking lot, and there are both English menus and English speaking staff available. Reservations are recommended.  Yen is accepted, as well as major credit cards.

04:47 15 Jul , 2024