Ryubo food markets get new image, enhanced product lines

Ryubo Corp., a department store and supermarket operator, announced that the company would enhance the fresh food section in its stores.

The company aims to boost the service and image of its supermarket section in the basement of its department stores offering an enhanced variety of foods. The food section will be renamed ‘Ryubo Food Market’.

The food areas in the larger stores of the Ryubo supermarket chain are also scheduled to go through the facelift. The changes will be implemented in five stores.

The first store employing the company’s new concept is Ameku Ryubo that re-opened on Jan. 28th.  It has a large selection of alcohol and fresh fish in front, and in the fresh fruit and vegetable section the store is concentrating on direct-from –the farm produce that are procured from producers on and off the island.

The company says the Ryubo stores also specifically target overseas visitors as well.

22:08 25 Jul , 2024