Shimadofu with kimchi salad

Have you seen shimadofu at local supermarkets? If you shop locally I bet you have. Many of my cooking class students say they have seen it but have no clue how to use it. So, here is a super simple recipe using shimadofu. 

Shimadofu with kimchi makes a nice snack or appetizer.


Ingredients are readily available at any local supermarket.

• ½ shimadofu

2 to 3 oz kimchi

2 to 3 Korean seaweed sheets

1 tsp sesame oil



1. Gently cut the tofu into portion-size cubes, but make sure you keep the tofu’s shape.

2. Place the shimadofu on a plate.

3. Place the kimchi on the top of the shimadofu.

4. Tear the Korean seaweed sheets into small bits and place on top of the kimchi.

5. Sprinkle it all with sesame oil.


You can also eat the shimadofu with a bit of soy sauce, grounded ginger and thin sliced Japanese leek. The shimadofu itself doesn’t have a strong flavour so you can add something you like, such as cheese.

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