Dogs get new play zone in Nanjo City

Dogs can run free in a 800 sq.m. fenced off area.

Dogs are happy about a new Dog Run on Azama SanSan Beach, giving them a new place to relax and run without a leash.

Owners swap stories in the dog run while dogs socialize, too.

The new Dog run at Azama SanSan Beach is the work of the Nanjo City Tourist Association, which started the dog run service in order to take advantage of the beach during the winter.  The association has circled the dog run area by a fence at the grass space of the beach. Within the area circled by fence, people can let their dogs play without a leash. The new dog run is a policy change, as pets used to be prohibited  at the beach.

The area is divided into two areas. One is an 800-square-meters’ free area, and another is a 400-square-meters’ agility experience area with obstacles that are usually used for K-9 training. In addition, animals can play in the water.

The dog run opened last month, and will be open through March 31st from 9 a.m. ~ 5 p.m.  The admission fee is ¥500 for one dog, or ¥350 per dog for two dogs.  Azama SanSan Beach is located at 1141-3 Azama, Chinen, Nanjo City.

Officials stress that dogs must have had rabies and combo vaccine shots within a year, and owners must bring the vaccination record.  Dogs must have no contagious diseases, and not be aggressive to others. Estrous female dogs are prohibited, and dogs are not permitted to do mounting activity.  Dogs must be on leashes outside the dog run area, and owners must remove dog feces.

10:25 23 Jun , 2024