Fantasy Space in Naha serves fun on five levels

The first floor dance hall features Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Top 40 and other genres.

It’s the ultimate entertainment clubhouse, a series of clubs within a single five-story building in downtown Naha City catering to diverse musical interests.

Fantasy Space entrance on Okiei Street.

Fantasy Space is a clubhouse opened in 2012, with different style club facilities and varying musical genre on different floors, and at different times. It’s already so popular, many customers refer to Fantasy Space as “Super Club”. The clubhouse is different from other clubs, and owners say that’s why the clubhouse must be friendly with customers.

Each floor has a role of its own. The entrance is on the second floor and a pub serves food and drinks on the same floor with Deep House music. On the first floor there is a dance hall with Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, EDM, Top40 and more. On the third floor is the bar & club style space with Karaoke available in private rooms.  The fourth floor is also a bar & lounge “Images”, and the fifth floor houses “Dining Bar F4”. The clubhouse has two and half dance halls in one building, and a different genre of music is playing on each floor.

Of course customers can come and go on each floor,  making it easy to switch to another genre of music.  Patrons can go to another floor, and if they want to drink or talk with friends; select either the bars on the third through fifth floors.

All floors of the club are open Wed. through Sat. while Sun. through Tue. it operates as a bar.

All floors are open Wednesday through Saturday, while other weekdays the Fantasy Space is open as a bar with only the 5th floor open. Fridays and Saturdays, the place is open from 11:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. Fantasy Space can accommodate more than 300 customers.  Male customers who enter the club before midnight pay ¥2,000 admission, while women pay ¥500. The price includes  10 tickets for drinks. After midnight., men pay ¥2,500 and women pay ¥1,000 with 10 tickets of drinks.  If a patron brings the ad of Fantasy Space running on Japan Update every week, the person can enter for ¥500 for women and ¥2,000 for men anytime and still receive 10 tickets of drinks. Tickets are available for use on the 1st through 3rd floors only. Even the club opens at 11:00 p.m., guests can enter the 4th or 5th floors with an extra charge system.

Dollars and major credit cards are accepted at Fantasy Space, along with Japanese yen.

Fantasy Space is located on Okiei Street in Naha. Head down Highway 58 for Naha City and turn left towards Miebashi monorail station to enter Okiei Street. Go straight ahead. Fantasy Space is on your left. From Kokusai Street going south towards Kumoji, turn right at the corner with Starbucks Coffee. Fantasy Space is on the right, down the street. The club’s building is lit up with purple colored lights at night, making it easy to recognize.

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12:24 13 Jun , 2024