Kadena nail salon takes customers personally

The aim is to provide customers a wholesome and relaxing experience.

The motto of the nail salon in Kadena BX services mall is simple enough, stating “Simply Perfect”

That also happens to be the name of the shop. Shop Manager Crystal says that the aim of her business is to provide her customers a little happiness and beauty in life through her shop’s nail art. “In our shop, we employ very highly skilled staff who are professionals in every aspect of nail care, from personalized nail designs to, gel, French, gel scalp, and marble nail applications.

Simply Perfect Manager Crystal

Crystal M. Jourdan believes “To achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction, we pay close attention to each customer’s needs and wishes and try to create a personal connection with each individual of them in order to make sure that truly enjoy the experience here.”  To accomplish her goal, the shop has a very calm and relaxed atmosphere as they understand that to most customers, getting their nails done is more than a mere everyday routine. “To most of our customers, this is not only about getting their nails to top shape, it’s a chance to shake off the tiredness and relax,” Crystal says.

She explains that the salon has various courses of complete nail care, including basic manicure, acrylic, gel, shellac, pedicure and more. Gentle scent of aroma therapy fragrance permeates the shop helping customers to further forget their everyday stress.

In addition, Simply Perfect can create nail art for special occasions, like Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and more. Simply perfect is located on the first floor of the Kadena BX Building 412. It’s open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. For Reservations, call 050-5865-3069. They also accept walk-ins and reservations at the door.

Simply Perfect has a full service approach to its customers, but says the only real service is “Special”.  The salon offers special pedicures for those who’ve had nails becoming weak or broken.  “We do treatments our own way,” says Crystal, “to make your nails strong and beautiful.”  She underscores the need for reservations. There are special services for children, who can play games with ipads while mother gets nails done.

Simply Perfect now has a new coupon service. One coupon costs ¥25,000  but is worth ¥27,500, a discount of  ¥2,500 off.  This, says Crystal, is perfect for Valentine’s Day.  She notes the bridal nail arts, events nail art and other specialties, which vary depending on specific applications.  Acrylics are ¥4,500~, shellac ¥2,500~, pedicures ¥3,150~, manicures ¥1,950, gel ¥3,250~ , and items in the kid’s (under 12 years old) menu 15% off.

07:22 18 Jun , 2024