It’s all about Green at Key’s Cafe

Key’s Cafe is located on Hwy 58 across from Foster.

Key’s Café is ‘Going Green’ next week, and patrons will find it easy to get caught up in the excitement, merely by wearing something green.

St. Patrick’s Day is always special, but Key’s Café in Chatan is firing up a St. Patrick’s Day Campaign beginning next Tuesday, and running through the big day on March 17th.  Everyone wearing green to Key’s Café will receive a Matcha (Green Tea) chocolate. Even better, everyone wearing something green and ordering a green drink or Matcha cake will get their picture taken, and have it presented.

Everything green is offered at special price during the week from Tuesday leading to St. Patrick’s Day on Mar. 17th.

Key’s Café is going to offer some very tasty green drinks in during the campaign, including Heineken (¥500), Matcha Latte, and a high quality Matcha. For those who enjoy rich taste and savory smell of Matcha, the offers are special. Matcha Latte costs ¥350 for regular and ¥400 for large.  There’s also Melon Soda for only ¥300, which is recommended for kids. Nothing beats the taste of Melon and really fresh soda. Another treat is the Avocado Smoothie (¥450), which uses Avocado Puree for a really creamy and rich taste without the scent of grass. They’re all very tasty and easy to drink, doubly so with Matcha cake for ¥400.

Owner Naomi Kinjo says KEY’S CAFÉ would love to be the place that remains in your heart.” All of our menus are made carefully with special ingredients and a special recipe,” she says, “Especially, our drinks.”

Visitors to Key’s Café note “they are always very welcoming customers with big smiles, offering a “shining brightly atmosphere” to start of the day, and welcoming with a “warm homey atmosphere” at the end of the day or after work.” Patrons are welcome at Key’s Café not only for the drinks, but to relax, chat, or study.

Key’s Café is located on Highway 58, just across from Camp Foster. Free parking is available in front of the café. The café is open every day from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. with last orders 9:30 p.m. for drinks and 9 p.m. for food.

02:48 28 Feb , 2024