Latin Soul is trendsetter at heart of Okinawa Salsa

Ready to start a party.

Latin Soul is a Salsa Bar, catering to an international clientele that enjoys Salsa dance, drinking, chatting and relaxing with friends, and it’s now offering lessons in the Latino spirit.

Latin Soul dance floor is always busy.

Located in Okinawa City, on the Gate 2 Street entertainment strip, Latin Soul is a trendsetter, providing patrons ready opportunities to relax with Salsa music.  Latin Soul is a good venue to communicate, says owner Hiroaki Kamiya, “and if you don’t have experience in salsa, a buddy can teach you or lead you.”

To make the point, he explains that Latin Soul is now offering Salsa lessons, with beginner sessions Wednesdays and Fridays, and mid-level experience lessons are Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Getting

Latin Soul offers also salsa lesson from beginners to intermediate level dancers.

into a class is as simple as calling 090-1369-8466 to book a place.

When owner Hiroaki Kamiya was young, he was invited to a Salsa session by a friend from Latin America. After that, he participated in a Salsa Party which was organized by a group of Japanese-Peruvians. He was impressed by women who were dancing beautifully and men who were leading women, and started “thinking that I want to be like those men”. Still, Kamiya says that when he was young, “sometimes I was laughed at because I’m Japanese but dancing Salsa.”  He adds the obvious, ”But I didn’t give up.”

Kamiya enjoys running his own Salsa Bar, and spreading Salsa. From now, He wants to create special events to make that happen.  He says that in the future, he wants to teach kids, a challenge because of his nationality and age.  Latin Soul is open from Tuesday to Thursday 8 p.m. ~ 3 a.m., and Fridays and Saturdays 8 p.m. until “very late”.  Latin Soul is closed on Mondays.  The bar accepts U.S. dollars as well as Japanese yen.

The Latin Soul is located on the second floor of the building on Gate 2 Street at 1-27-20 Chuo, and the owner notes he maintains an English menu featuring western-style food.  Aside from the salsa, the entertainment includes other Latin music, bachata, and a dance floor complete with entertainment.




15:21 27 Feb , 2024