Okinawa elementary student test scores decline

The Okinawa Prefecture Board of Education announced at its regular meeting on Mar. 11th the results of achievement tests for elementary school students in Okinawa that took place in February for students between the 3rd and 6th grades.

The percentage of questions participating students answered correctly declined between 5.5 and 9.6 points in national language for the 3rd and 5th grade students and the 5th grade math compared to the same test on the previous fiscal year, while the math of the 3rd grade was the only the subject that made an improvement.

A spokesman for the Prefectural Health and Physical Education Division explained that the reason for the deterioration is that the level of difficulty of the questions was higher than a year before. In response, a member of the Board of Education said, “It sounds more like an excuse. There is a need to set a standard for the difficulty in order to compare to the past. The tests mean nothing if the scores cannot be compared to the past.

01:36 28 Feb , 2024