Onaga orders stop to Henoko seabed survey

Upping the ante over the dispute over the construction of the replacement facility to MCAS Futenma off Camp Schwab in Henoko, Okinawa Governor Takeshi Onaga has ordered the Okinawa Defense Bureau to stop all offshore work at the site including the seabed drilling survey.

Onaga said at his Monday afternoon press conference that he issued a written order to the Okinawa Defense Bureau to halt the work by the end of March. He warned the bureau that he might revoke altogether the landfill permission given by the previous prefectural administration, if the government refuses to stop, and would take the case to the courts, if necessary. Onaga wants the work to stop until the prefectural government is able to asses the damage to the coral reefs at the site caused by several large concrete blocks that were dropped into the ocean floor to anchor buoys marking the construction area.

And that’s exactly what seems to be happening as Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said Monday in Tokyo that the government would not stop any part of the construction regardless of steps that the Okinawa Prefectural Government might take.

The central government’s position is that it discussed the plan in detail and got permission from the previous prefectural government to install the blocks.

On the U.S. side, State Dept. spokeswoman Marie Harf said at a regular press conference Monday that it’s the department’s understanding that the construction project “will proceed as planned.” She added that, “It’s also a critical step toward realizing our shared vision for the realignment of U.S. forces on Okinawa.”

According to Jiji Press, she was also asked if the U.S. Government had any concerns about the environmental impact of the relocation, to which she answered, “To my understanding, we don’t.”

  • bob

    The only concerns most have is putting food on the table and paying bills to afford a place to live. This Onaga idiot is only causing trouble while his massive construction company and profits are working at destroying natural environment habits in the Nago area so he is using this as a means to keep people distracted. This guy, Ozawa, Hatayoma all have ties to land development and construction plans for pure profits and care less about Okinawa’s environmental impacts

    • Tomamii

      huh? you have absolutly no idea whats going on bob. Save the time of ranting & spend it with your family.

      • bob

        then you are really out of touch and hanging out way to much with the dudongs. Onaga is in for the profit and extended future security of his own private constructions company. He is in the same bed as Ozawa and Hatayoma. This idiot does not have the heart of a true Ryukan. So get educated on this issue real quick if you have something worth saying. But hey all you have to do is look at his assets and how he spread them around so that he could get more…cat got your tongue because a foreigner knows the real truth. IF these people were so concerned about this extension project and trying to use environmental issues as way to have work stoppage then why not stop the drilling off of Kume Island and the new development that will destroy natural areas of Nago in the name of a resort park that only benefits the selected few, Onaga being one of the few.

        • Tomamii

          Your mixing up Nakaima with Onaga, dmba$$

          • bob

            OH you are so wrong, ONAGA has a construction development business that all that kissing up to Onaga that your head is so deep brown runs out the sides of your head. best to be a dumba$$ than to have ones’ head up one..

    • David Chavez

      Also, no one is paying no mind to the secondary runway that is being built at Naha Airport. Like the Marine landing strips it is being built on reclaimed land in the ocean, hmmm…

      • bob

        of course because like the kiss azz tomamii things like this happen. too much gaping going on

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    I’m looking forward to the beautiful new base!

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