Organization working to help Okinawa stray cats

About 100 stray cats living at Okinawa Comprehensive are the target of spaying and neutering campaign this week.

An estimated 100 stray cats living in Okinawa Prefecture Comprehensive Park are soon to get a bit of medical help from a mainland organization that’s teaming with Okinawans.

The mainland group, Doubuthu Kikin, has teamed with four local groups to form “Ryukyu Wan Nyan Yuimaaru” to help the stray cats receive medical attention, remove fleas and ticks, vaccinate, spay and neuter them.  The four Okinawa groups are Ones Partner, Wan Nyan Second Chance, Wan Nyan Nokai My and Wan Nyan Support.  The groups are already working in Comprehensive Park, with an anticipated completion date of Saturday.

The groups are seeking support from the public.  They’re wanting new or old bath towels, kitten milk, pet sheets, cat food, 60 each animal cages costing about $30 each, and 60 each pet traps costing about $50 each.  They’re also gladly accepting monetary donations to purchase supplies, and invite the public to donate time to help capture and move cats.

16:32 27 Feb , 2024