Sakuraya is Japanese style girls bar

Sakuraya’s all female staff wears kimonos.

Sakuraya is a bar done up in Japanese style, but a walk through the front door of the Gate 2 Street bar is a stunning surprise to patrons.

Unlike many watering holes near the sprawling Kadena Air Base, Sakuraya is a Japanese style girls bar that makes ‘unique’ hardly enough to describe the view.  First, it’s an all-girl staff, and second, they’re all dressed in traditional Japanese kimonos as they serve drinks to customers. For the uninitiated, the Kimono is a Japanese traditional dress, which is very beautiful.

Sakuraya also offers an extensve selection of “Kushiage,” which are deep fried bite-size morsels of about anything on a skewer.

The seats are also a new style in bars, allowing patrons to enjoy drinking and chatting on the Zashiki. Zashiki is a formal Japanese room, which uses Tatami for covering the floor. It is really comfortable and cozy.

The recommended menu of Sakuraya is Kushi-Age (串揚げ). “Kushi (串)” means skewer, “Age (揚げ)” means deep-fried. Kushi-Age is pieces of something (anything to eat) deep-fried on a skewer. This is popular in Japan, especially in the mainland. Kushi-Age can be made by using various foods like meat (beef, chicken, pork, lamb, etc…), seafood (fish, clams, shrimp, cuttlefish, etc…), vegetables (asparagus, sweet green pepper, etc…) and other foodstuffs (tofu, cheese, and more).

It is something definitely to be tried, as it is really tasty, and goes very well with beer!!  In addition to the food, Sakuraya is offering Nihonshu (Japanese sake), as well as many cocktails.

Sakuraya is located just off Gate 2 Street at 1-27-15, Chuo, Okinawa City. The bar is open daily except Mondays from 8 p.m. ~ 3 a.m.  Reservations for groups can be made at (098) 989-3420. Sakuraya accepts \, $, and credit cards.


19:04 28 Feb , 2024