Bingata exhibition and sale in Ginowan

Bingata is good for making unique accessories.

Fujino Yamamoto is making her debut at Café Unizon, at her Bingata exhibition and sale.
This is a Bingata solo exhibition by Yamamoto, a Bingata artist from Uruma City, and it is the first time for Yamamoto to have an exhibition on Okinawa in about a decade. Admission is free to the exhibition, which runs through Wednesday, May 6th, from 11:30 a.m. ~ 10 p.m. Introduction panels explaining bingata in English have been prepared for ease of understanding by foreigners.

Stylish wall decorations are specialty of Yamamoto.

Bingata is one of the traditional crafts representing of Okinawa. Bingata is a craft of cloth dyeing. Utilizing a pattern mask made of paper, people color cloth, textiles and papers with motifs expressing nature of Okinawa in bright colors. Bingata used to be reserved exclusively for attires of the royal family and samurai class people. Nowadays, bingata works have been seen on not only in kimonos and accessories for Japanese dress but also home interior like decorations hangings on the wall, gift wrapping cloth, bags and more.
There are so many unique patterns and modern motifs. Yamamoto expresses her original world by using both traditional and original patterns. Her works are mainly set in a frame and made by hand. Other than the craft works in a frame, there are a wide range of products like covered buttons, greeting cards made of ginger leaves and cushion covers. They are all one-of-a kind pieces. People can buy her works in the event.
She was born in Mitaka, Tokyo, and grew up in Sapporo, Hokkaido, and moved to Okinawa to learn bingata. Yamamoto opened her studio after learning and training at Okinawan bingata studios. She moved the studio to Kyan in Uruma City in 2013. Her pattern images can be seen at
Café UNIZON, 2-39-8 Aragusuku, Ginowan City, is the exhibition site, on the second floor.

08:57 18 Jun , 2024