French jazz fills Ginoza Garaman Hall

Remi Panessian Trio brings the best of European jazz to Garaman Hall.

Remi Panossian Trio is a French Jazz band, filled with excitement and ready to perform at Garaman Hall in Ginoza Village.

Their music is pop and unique, and sometimes described as lyrical and energetic.   The Okinawa audience will appreciate the enthusiasm the trio puts forth at the Saturday concert.  Doors open at 6 p.m. for the 7 p.m. performance. Advance tickets are ¥3,500 or ¥4,000 at the door.  Tickets are available at FamilyMart e-plus, or by calling Garaman Hall at (098) 983-2613.

Remi Panossian was born in Montperllier, France. He began playing a piano when he was seven years old, and studied at Montperllier Jazz School. He is one of the most watched young pianists.  Panossian has played at jazz festivals across the world, in countries such as Canada, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Israel, Taiwan and Korea.  He is also a member of alternative rock band ‘MANATINE’. The bassist is Maxime Delporte, and Frederic Petitprez plays drums.

Children under six years of age are not permitted.  Elementary school students and older must have a ticket.

The trio’s facebook page is at

00:58 26 Jun , 2024