Funny Face Contest aims to make people laugh

Funny? But don’t laugh, at least not first, as the one who laughs last, laughs best with ¥30,000 in cash in his or her pocket as the winner of the Funny Face Contest at Araha Beach in Chatan this Saturday.

“Laugh saves the word!” is the theme of a contest scheduled for May 2nd at Araha Beach in Chatan.

The Funny Face Contest is based on a traditional Japanese game called “A-PPU-PU” that mimics the sound of someone desperately trying to suppress a laugh. The event starts at noon at the BBQ area of Araha Beach. Organizers say they want to make as many people as possible to laugh and be happy. Thus, the theme of this event is “Laugh saves the world!” They also hope that it helps to diminish differences between nationalities and generations.

Rules are really easy and simple. Two people facing closely each other make funny and crazy faces trying to make the opponent laugh. Who laughs first loses the duel and the winner faces another winner. The one who laughs last – and has made everyone else to laugh – is the Champion, and earns the first price of ¥30,000 for his or her effort!!! In addition, all participants are given Nissin Cup Noodles. Organizers also intend to upload the event on YouTube.

Apply the event with your Funny Face!

Anyone can take part. No limit on age, nationality or gender, and makeup and use of props are accepted.

To participate, just show up at the reception table on he day of the event, and bring as many of your family and friends with you to cheer you, and everyone else, up and have an awesome day!

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22:11 24 Jun , 2024