Secret to healthier ramen is in chicken broth

Ittetsu’s Ajitama Baitang Ramen.

Ramen Ittetsu has been only two months in business, but is already making its mark among customers looking for more healthy options while enjoying their ramen.

Ittetsu has free parking available in front and on the side of the restaurant.

Since its February grand opening, the local community is discovering that Ramen Ittetsu is the place to go for tasty, healthy ramen, which contains no pork. Ittetsu’s popular baitang soup, which is made using only chicken broth, contains lots of collagen, is thick and flavorful and is also a favorite with female customers.

Ramen Ittetsu — located outside Camp Foster’s Navy Hospital Gate near Futenma Shrine — serves three types of noodles carefully matched to the the broth they come with. Add the restaurant’s original spices and chili oil to “heat up” the ramen, and the manager assures that, “once you get a taste, we guarantee you’ll come back for more!”

Ittetsu’s signature ramen soup is 100% chicken-based baitang. Its umami-rich chicken broth is healthier than pork bone stock, so no pork- or beef-based soups here. This addictive baitang ramen has captivated the locals’ taste buds and beguiled the ladies’ palates since opening day, and Ittetsu is now attracting others with a grand opening campaign that provides coupons good for free gyoza dumplings.

Everything is prepared and cooked in the restaurant, such as chili oil and a topping of meltingly tender roast chicken braised for hours. Don’t forget the excellent side order of crisp-fried chicken. The kids have their own meal in the menu, too.

The chef’s favorite is Tokusei Tori Baitang Ramen, a special chicken-based baitang ramen for ¥1,058 including tax.  The chicken-based Tori Baitang Ramen is ¥756 including tax, as is the Tori Shio Ramen, a chicken-based salt ramen.  The Tori Miso Ramen, a chicken-based miso ramen, goes for ¥842.

Ittetsu also offers a special Ajitama Tori Baitang Ramen, an Ajitama chicken-based baitang ramen, for ¥864.  Ajitama is a soft-boiled egg.

Ramen Ittetsu is located at 1-35-7 Aragusuku, Ginowan City.  Currently open daily except Wednesday from 11:30 a.m. ~ 10 p.m., the restaurant accepts dollars and yen.  Parking is available.  The owners note that effective May 1st, Ramen Ittetsu will be open seven days a week.

21:55 24 Jun , 2024