Sakura Komachi features 40,000+ products

Sakura Komachi offers the best and largest selection of Japanese souvenirs.

A Japanese Modern Souvenir Shop is now open in AEON Mall Okinawa Rycom, offering customers a wide range of Japanese Kawaii selections.

Sakura Komachi boasts the best selections on the island, including the worldwide popular feline Hello Kitty, as well as Snoopy, Washi Field, and Rilakkuma. These top characters wearing Japanese beautiful kimono are not only cute, but also rare to find in many shops.

Featuring the selected gifts in Kyoto, the country’s former capital and famous worldwide for its historical temples, they range from Hello Kitty kimono wallet and pouch from ¥1,200, Japanese design hard eyeglass cases from ¥750, to a mug cup and a small plate from Kutani ware, from ¥1,700 ~ ¥4,500 – one of the representative potteries in Japan.

Also, cool gifts to travelers are available; high quality chopsticks, Japanese holiday products that celebrate Boys’ and Girls’ Day, a kokeshi doll created of Japanese paper “washi” and more, which offer surely something to everyone! Sakura Komachi is adjacent to the taxi stand on the first floor of the new mall in Kitanakagusuku. Sakura Komachi is an ideal place to find Japanese sophisticated souvenirs.

08:41 30 May , 2024