Yumekoubou cakes are based on very special miso

“Karavege” roll is a seasonal specialty available from June to December.

Youko Henna learned her craft from her mother, and that the best way to have happy customers in her shop is to serve delicious and healthy products made with local ingredients.

That’s her goal now as owner of Yumekoubou in Yaese Town.  She creates a new recipe every day to keep customers clamoring for more.  Originally, the Yumekoubou was serving handmade miso, and since Youko took over, she’s serving not only the miso but many good smelling sweets. If you visit to buy miso, you will perhaps be confused because the establishment looks more like a sweets shop, but of course Yumekoubou is still selling special miso too.

Youko is selling sweets like tube cake that are made using miso as an ingredient, Roll cakes containing okra, donuts made with island banana and others with local farm ingredients. Why did she start this business? Simply because the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Yaese Town asked her to make some new products using okra grown in the town. Then finally she created the okra tube cake, and gained a great reputation among her customers and neighbors.

Before even getting the new product to the market, people from far away have visited her to get her okra tube cake. She added new ingredients like miso, pumpkin, banana and strawberry. All cakes are very colorful taste great thanks to fresh ingredients. Now, customers have a choice of tube cake, cookies, donuts, roll cakes, decoration cakes and more! There are so many to choose from, and of course all items are made using local ingredients and are healthy.

Youko learned how to make natural handmade food items from her mother, and serves fresh products that have no additives. She can make cakes without egg or milk products for allergic people, and even foreign customers sometime pop in the shop to get cakes.

Youko says her goal is to make more and more items to make people smile. Yumekoubou is a part of the Karabezi project creating rolls and other cakes with colorful vegetables inside and crusts with okra or green tea flavor. They’re very vivid and look great. The “Karabezi” roll is available from June to December.

Yumekoubou is located at 254 Toume, Yaese Town.  Hours and product information is available at (098) 998-0219.  A map is at https://goo.gl/maps/lCkle

21:23 24 Jun , 2024