Akajiso Juice – Red perilla juice

This juice is very seasonal as you can only find red perilla leaves early summer. When I start to see red perilla leaves at markets, it makes me feel the arrival of summer. Every year, I buy a few bunches of them and make this juice. I love the beautiful bright pink color and the fresh and sour taste. 

Naoko Ogura-Gayler


Perilla leaves are available only early summer.


• 11 oz red perilla leaves

• 1.5 oz citric acid

• 30 oz sugar

• 9 cups water


1. Remove the leaves from the stalks and wash them thoroughly.

2. Bring a big saucepan of water to boil and place the red perilla leaves in the boiling water.

3. Cook for 20 minutes and drain the water using paper towels as a filter.

4. While the juice is hot, add the sugar then the citric acid and mix well.

5. Sterilize a container and pour the juice in.

6. When you drink the juice, you need to mix it with water – 1 part water: 3 parts red perilla juice. You can add more or less water according to your preference.


-The juice is also nice when mixed with sparkling water.

-You can keep the juice in the fridge over 3 months. But my red perilla juice is gone long before that.


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