Photography group Okinawa 6! challenges public for photo hunt

Sakaemachi Market area is full of small sales stands and shops along its alleys.

Any of the area’s bars, pubs and karaoke joints could hide a photo to be found.

Here comes Okinawa 6!, a collective photo exhibition of a group of six non-Okinawan professional photographers (3 Japanese + 3 foreigners) living on Okinawa, focusing on the beauty and culture of the islands for a whole month and in a very special venue at Sakaemachi Market, in Asato, Naha.

The dates are also special, from June 27th – the day of the first party at the market this year, with the Oba Rappers group and much more – through July 25th that is the date of the next party.

Let’s say that everything will be special: the photos, more or less 50 altogether, will be scattered throughout the shops, cafés, izakaya, and karaoke room at the market. You’ll be able to see them everyday, but only when the shop owners decide to open and work…

We’ll print a fill-up game-map. Who will find ALL the photos will win a special, SECRET prize. Ready for hunting?

01:49 28 May , 2024