THE PARTY OKINAWA x Bikini Night 2015 ready to pump up the volume

CyberJapan Bikini Dancers are ready to spice up the EDM event.

The electronic dance music, or EDM for short, a party music style played with the lead of DJs, is very popular all over the world.

The biggest EDM Festival in the world took place in Japan last year, and the first “THE PARTY OKINAWA” event last year was the first EDM Festival in Okinawa. Participants praised the festival as “exciting” and “super awesome,” and everybody had fun with guests including many nationalities and people of all ages.

Top class DJs are the soul and spirit of the party.

For this year’s event, organizers have combined two exciting events into one, creating “THE PARTY OKINAWA × Bikini Night”. The Bikini Night is a CyberJapan event featuring professional CyberJapan Bikini Dancers group that spice up the EDM evening with their exhilarating performance.

Well-known DJs from previous EDM Festivals are invited to pump up the music. The line-up includes Mitomi Tokoto, Ryukyu Disco, DJ Yamato, DJ Task and DJ Talow.

According to organizers of the event, Okinawa has an advantage over many other locations in Japan in that there is an especially large mix of people from different backgrounds, regions, and nationalities. They say they “would like to create a special ‘emotion Okinawa’ with the help of all these people through this event. So, let’s turn the volume up!”

The crowds getting in the groove at last year’s Okinawa EDM party.

Anyone having questions about the event can contact organizers at

The Party Okinawa x 2015 Bikini Night takes place on June 27th at Koza Music Town in Okinawa City, starting 17:30. The doors open 30 minutes earlier and the event ends at 23:30. Tickets cost \3,800 ($33) in advance or \4,500 ($38) at door and are available on facebook (search THE PARTY OKINAWA); by email at; at FamilyMart convenience stores FamiPort terminals; on line at!process/ckcc

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