Free Japanese classes offered at Sci-Tec College Naha

Fifteen students are accepted for the free classes.

Fifteen students are accepted for the free classes.

The Government of Japan Agency for Cultural Affairs is organizing two free courses in Japanese language that are offered for foreigners who are trying to learn Japanese.

The courses are taught at the Sci-Tec College Naha, and both are limited to 15 participants, first come first served. The Basic Class runs from Aug. 1st to Oct. 3rd, and consists of 10 lessons that take place on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon. The intermediate level class, also consisting of 10 lessons, begins Oct. 10th and runs to Dec. 12th, also on Saturday mornings. The subjects include hiragana/katakana writing, practical conversation and introduction to Okinawan culture.

More information and an application is available at Sci-Tec College website at

The classes are targeted at foreign citizens living on Okinawa who need to learn Japanese. The Sci-Tec College Naha is located in the Shintoshin district.

Classes will have practical applications, such as how to consult when sick, dealing with the Japanese medical insurance system, learning about Japanese information, and emergency calls and evacuation in event of disaster, The goal, says Sci-Tec College, is to help people simply become more comfortable with local customs, culture and lifestyle.


01:18 31 May , 2024