“Weekend Dive & Boating Forecast” Continues!

By E. Heinrich-Sanchez

Motivated by this simple reason, “Try to keep just one person from making a dreadful mistake.”

Yesterday we were saying goodbye to Ed, wondering who would continue his legacy. In his last post, Ed Dunn wrote

“I hope someone will pick this up and continue it. Hate to see it end after a little over 12 years. To all of you that used it for your command safety briefs, presentations and your individual use, I thank you. To the many resources that I used for the forecast thank you.” http://www.japanupdate.com/2015/07/weekend-dive-boating-forecasts-ed-dunn-signing-off-island/

Tim Goulah in his element: Poking around in a shipwreck.

Tim Goulah in his element: Poking around in a shipwreck.

Without missing a beat, Tim Goulah started providing the forecast.  beginning with the July 4th weekend. He has offered to make available the “Weekend Dive & Boating Forecast” to local publications as a public service.

Tim said, “it’s there for safety, so the better the dispersal the better it will help someone out.”

This is the announcement Tim sent out.

Ladies & Gentlemen,

goulah IMG_0150

Tim Goulah

With the announcement of Ed Dunn’s upcoming departure from Okinawa, and his end of the dive and boating forecast, I will be stepping up to provide the weekly dive and boating forecast.  I will make every attempt to keep up the high standards that you have come to expect from Ed’s weekly report. As I get used to correlating all the information into one place, I ask that you please bear with me. Any suggestions on how I can provide better information to our local dive and boating forecast is appreciated. Your patience and support during this transition, is much appreciated. Please contact me at okidiveandboatingforecast@gmail.com if you have any questions, concerns, recommendations or would like to be added or removed from this weekly email list.

My name is Tim Goulah, and I am a PADI Course Director at Kadena Marina. I love to teach scuba diving, which I have done since 2009 and have made it my full time career now at Kadena Marina.

I’m a former Marine and I’ve been on Okinawa for over 15 years. I love the island, it’s food and people. I enjoy traveling to dive in new locations, and have been to Hawaii, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Dominican Republic, and many of the Islands in the Yaeyama chain.

My favorite dives in Okinawa are to dive the historic USS Emmons, and Yonaguni Island where the Yonaguni Monument and schooling hammerheads are the main attractions. I enjoy wreck diving, and underwater photography, and my dream diving trip is to do a Galapagos live aboard someday.

I hope to be able to keep up the high standard of the “Weekend Dive & Boating Forecast.

Please contact me with any questions, comments, or requests to be added or removed from the direct email list at okidiveandboatingforecast@gmail.com

MESSAGE from World O.C.E.A.N. NGO edo@okinawaocean.org

To all you divers and beachcombers, remember that the “Ryukyu International Cleanup is coming up in September in partnership with “Lets Do It World Cleanup, Ocean Conservancy International Coastal Cleanup and Cleanup The World all working with UNEP so get ready, to cleanup your favorite beach or dive spot. Don’t forget it’s the sea-turtle nesting season so no camp-fires on the sand please. Leave only your footprints. To participate please contact edo@okinawaocean.org

PADI Project A.W.A.R.E. is the underwater partner for the International Coastal Cleanup.

For comments and suggestions on this article, please contact edo@okinawaocean.org.

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