Zan Party 2015 invites party folks to Cape Zampa for weekend

Plenty of bubbles and foam is the latest craze among party folks on Okinawa.

Plenty of bubbles and foam is the latest craze among party folks on Okinawa.

The summer is not nearly over yet, and popular local bars, Izakaya pubs and hotel DJs are coming together to remind the party folks on the island about that fact and, at the same time, to give Yomitan area a boost with a big party next weekend, Aug. 29th and 30th, at an outdoor party at Cape Zampa Park, known locally as Zanpa Ikoi-no-hiroba Ti-da 33.

The same folks organized a one-day outdoor event called Zan Party last year, which attracted about 400 people. The crowd had so much fun at the party that they begged for a sequel, and the organizers not only agreed but, made the event a two-day affair to boot.

The trademark and highlight of the event is the ‘bubble time’ during which a bubble machine fills the air with thousands of bubbles it sprays in the air. The bubble machine is a hit at Okinawan clubs these days, as revelers just love to be covered with foam while DJs spin their best tunes pumping up the party. As for DJs, local most popular DJs from Yomitan Village, the likes of DJ Namujya and DJ Tasuku, are invited to spin the tunes.

There will be more than 20 shops in the party area including food stalls, nail and massage booths, a wig shop, fortune-telling booth and body paint shop. The ticket price includes awamori that is also served from the stalls.

The event takes place rain-or-shine on Aug. 29th and 30th from 15:00 to 22:00 on both days, at Zanpa Ikoi-no-hiroba Ti-da 33 in Yomitan Village; 1861 Aza Uza, Yomitan Village. The location is at

Tickets in advance are ¥2,000 and ¥2,500 at door including all Awamori. Tickets are sold at FamilyMart e-plus, Royal Hotel & Restaurant, Bar Kenhatchi and Izakaya Gosamaru in Yomitan. Japan Update has five tickets available for our readers. To get one, send us a message through Japan Update facebook page. The deadline is Tuesday, Aug. 25 and we will raffle the tickets away on Wednesday. We will contact the winners by e-mail.

Entertainers include Tetsu Yonaha, Tsuyoshi Azubuchi, Tomoto, Infextion Lite II and Naokiya plus Djs from Yomitan on Saturday, and KACHIMBA 4, U-DOU & PLATY, DJ Kazuya, Shurei, 5th Elements, United 76 Jah Nation, Aimoco, Tokeshi Youth Chamber Eisa and Signal on Sunday.

14:45 04 Mar , 2024