Naha event promotes Okinawan Rum

Participants in last years's Rum Festival were happy.

Participants in last years’s Rum Festival were happy.

Everyone who spends any time on Okinawa knows that Okinawa’s tipple is awamori, but far fewer are aware that there are a few distillers who produce rum, a liquor usually associated more with the Caribbean Islands.

CORCOR rum is produced on Minami Daito Island.

CORCOR rum is produced on Minami Daito Island.

But one should not wonder. Rum is made from sugar cane, and sugar cane is the main crop of farming in Okinawa. Admittedly, making rum has no tradition to speak of in Okinawa, but organizers of the 2nd Okinawa Rum Festival have every intention to change that.

The Makishi Dai-ichi Kousetsu Market Merchants’ Association organizes the Okinawa Rum Festival at the Makishi Dai-ichi Kousetsu Ichiba public market second floor this Saturday and Sunday, Sep. 12 and 13, from

Okinawa Rum Festival promotes locally made rum with cocktails.

Okinawa Rum Festival promotes locally made rum with cocktails.

13:00 to 20:00 on both days.

There are three rum distilleries on Okinawa, which are Helios Distillery Ltd., Iejima Bussan Center and Grace Rum on Minami Daito Island. All three companies made rum using 100% Okinawa-grown sugar cane. Helios produces Helios Rum, Iejima Bussan Center produces Ie Rum Santa Maria and Grace Rum distills rum labeled CORCOR.

The companies hold the event in order to promote genuine Okinawa-made rum to the public. At the event, visitors have a chance to taste the rums in cocktails like Mojitos, Pina Coladas and Daiquiris.

Entry to the event is free, but to taste the drinks visitors need to purchase tickets. A ¥1,000 ticket buys three cocktails.

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Helios Pub on Kokusai Street ( also has an on-going campaign to promote Okinawan rum. There is a Helios Pub ad in this paper that gets you 10% off from your total bill at Helios Pub.

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01:01 21 May , 2024