Shikwasa syrup – Flat lemon syrup

Have you seen Shikwasa at a farmers market? Shikwasa, or flat lemon, is a small, green citrus fruit native to Okinawa and Taiwan. Sometimes people call it Taiwan tangerine. As Shikwasa is in season, and I had a really good harvest myself from my garden, I made shikwasa syrup. You can add this syrup to soda water to make a very refreshing drink for summer. I use this syrup in my tea and sprinkle it on my kids’ toast.



  • Shikwasa
  • Rock sugar at half the amount of your shikwasas (e.g. 10 oz of shikwasa to 5 oz of sugar)
  • Honey (1/3 of your shikwasa amount)
  • Glass jar 


1. Using a small knife or peeler, peel off the shikwasa skin. It is a small fruit so be very careful not to cut your finger! I used my smallest knife. You don’t need to peel off all the skin but at least peel off 1/3.

2. Cut the shikawasas in half.

3. Fill the bottom of your glass jar with the shikwasas and place the rock sugar on top. Then make a new layer of shikwasa on top of this, then again rock sugar to fill the jar with layers of shikwasa and rock sugar.

4. Pour the honey in the jar.

5. Leave the jar in a fridge for a few days to one week. Once the rock sugar has melted, the syrup is done.

6. Using a clean cloth, filter the syrup and shikwasa. Squeeze the cloth to get the last drop of shikwasa juice. Keep the syrup in the glass jar.

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